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Manual Handling (Objects)

According to the latest figures produced by the Labour Force Survey, British businesses lost 4.9 million days last year due to work related back pain at an estimated cost of £5 billion (HSE E077:05).

Around one person in every 100 is affected, which can have a huge impact on businesses and seriously affect an employee’s quality of life as well.

Our Manual Handling of Objects course can help prevent the misery and drain of work related back pain. We follow the All Wales Manual Handling Passport Scheme and can teach people how to lift and carry objects safely. We believe this training could significantly reduce work related back injuries, minimise absenteeism and in the long term, save your company money.

This courses teaches students all the vital information needed in a more intensive, 4 hour course.

What is the All Wales Manual Handling Passport Scheme?

This Scheme has been developed by the Welsh Assembly Government, Health & Safety Executive (HSE), Unitary Authorities and NHS Wales to make the standards of Manual Handling consistent across the country. Employers and employees both benefit from having a recognised training standard that can be transferred to new departments and other organisations.  Download a copy here: Passport.pdf 

Who is it for?

This course is vital for anyone whose work involves repetitive actions, lifting, pulling or carrying objects. We recommend that all employers incorporate this training into new staff inductions.

What will you learn?

  • Modules A and B of the All Wales Manual Handling Passport Scheme
  • Regulations, practice and responsibilities
  • Spinal anatomy and related injuries
  • The ergonomics of safe lifting
  • Risk assessment and risk reduction
  • Safe manual handling of objects

How is it assessed?

By a St John trainer/assessor.