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Adult Mental Health First Aid - Blended Training          

Our blended Mental Health First Aid training course is split over a series of interactive eLearning modules and 2 live, virtual training sessions with a St John Ambulance Cymru trainer.

The live virtual session times are 09.00-12.00. Delegates are strongly advised to log on 15 minutes early to allow for any technical issues, and to ensure that the course starts and finishes on time.

This course gives delegates the skills needed to spot signs of mental illness, giving them the confidence to approach and support a person who needs assistance.

Delegates will gain a deeper understanding of mental health factors that can affect wellbeing, and explore what they can do to get their colleague the right support.

This MHFA Wales course is a national training programme for Wales, which is licensed and developed by Mental Health First Aid Wales.


Who is it for?mental health male

Every business and organisation should be committed to supporting the wellbeing of its workforce. This course is suitable for all levels. 

Your designated mental health first aiders, such as line managers and staff reps, should be confident in talking about mental health with their colleagues. Being able to discuss mental health could help ease concerns before they escalate.

What will you learn?

The course examines the impact of mental health issues, such as stigma and discrimination, and provides resources and tools to help. It covers the following issues over the various eLearning modules and live virtual training: 

Module 1- eLearning: Introduction to Mental Health

  • Mental Health in Context
  • Stigma, Risk Factors and Early Intervention
  • The MHFA Model

Module 2- eLearning: Depression

  • Introduction to Depression
  • Crisis First Aid for Suicidal Thoughts and Feelings
  • Crisis First Aid for Non-suicidal Self-injury
  • The MHFA Action Plan for Depression

Module 3- eLearning: Anxiety

  • Introduction to Anxiety
  • Crisis First for Panic Attacks
  • Crisis First Aid for Traumatic Experiences
  • The MHFA Action Plan for Anxiety


Live Virtual Training Session 1:

  • Revision of Modules 1-3
  • Role of The Mental Health First Aider
  • Application of The MHFA Action Plan
  • Self-care for the Mental Health First Aider


You will not be able to access eLearning modules 4 & 5 until you have completed the first live virtual training session with your trainer.


Module 4- eLearning: Psychosis

  • Psychosis: Introduction, Myths and Stigma
  • Signs and Symptoms of Psychosis
  • Crisis First Aid for Acute Psychotic Episodes
  • The MHFA Action Plan for Psychosis

Module 5- eLearning: Substance Use

  • Introduction to Substance Use
  • Crisis First Aid for Substance Use
  • The MHFA Action Plan for Substance Use


Live Virtual Training Session 2:

  • Revision of Modules 4 & 5
  • Stigma and Judgements
  • Application of The MHFA Action Plan

How is it assessed?

This course is not assessed.


All delegates will be issued with a Adult Mental Health First Aid certificate awarded by Mental Health First Aid Wales. The certificate is valid for 3 years. 

MHFA Wales is only licensed to provide this training course for those who live and/or work in Wales. Participants from other countries who wish to become trained in MHFA will need to contact the national provider licensed to deliver in their country.

Additional resources can be found below:

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