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Sharps Training

Every day, people are at risk of contracting Hepatitis B, C or even HIV from discarded drugs and syringes. A recent survey revealed that 70% of managers have found drug related litter on their business premises – three quarters of them did not know how to dispose of it safely.

Our unique Sharps Training course, developed with PHS Waste Management, will teach you how to dispose of this potentially harmful litter safely. We’ll also train you to deal with drug induced emergencies quickly and effectively.

Who is it for?

Sadly, the dangers of drugs affect everybody. Used syringes and other drug-related waste have been found in a variety of places, including commercial premises, schools, hospitals, pubs and sports centres. This course will help you to protect your staff, customers and visitors from the dangers of drug-related litter.

What will you learn?

  • What is drug related litter
  • Types of drugs in society
  • How to handle and store drug related litter to prevent prosecution/injury
  • How to dispose of drugs, syringes and sharps
  • Drug related First Aid
  • Hand hygiene

How is it assessed

By a St John trainer/assessor.